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Li-Lin Liang

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Health Economic
Applied Econometrics
Impact Evaluations
China Health Reform
Health Expenditure
Prospective Payment System


PhD in Health Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science 2011.3
MSc Health Management, Imperial College London 2003.6





Assistant Professor, National Sun Yet-San University, Department of Business Management


Post-doctoral fellow 2014.7 National Yang-Ming University, Institute of Hospital and Health Care Administration


Assistant Professor of Health Economics 2013.7 Peking University, China Centre for Health Development Studies


Refereed Academic Journals


  • Liang, Li-Lin (2015). “Do DRG-Based Payments Incentivize Hospitals to Adjust Output Mix? The Own-Price and Cross-Price Effects.” Health Economics 24(4): 454-469 (SSCI, SCI, SCIE).

  • Liang, L. and A. Mirelman (2014). “Why Do Some Countries Spend More for Health? An Assessment of Sociopolitical Determinants and International Aid for Government Health Expenditures,”Social Science & Medicine 114:161-168 (SSCI).

  • Liang, L. and J. C. Langenbrunner (2013). The Long March to Universal Coverage: Lessons from China. UNICO Studies Series No. 9. Washington DC: The World Bank. http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/2013/01/17207313/long-march-universal-coverage-lessons-china

  • Liang, L. and J. C. Langenbrunner (2013). “The Long March to Universal Health Coverage: Outside Looking in.”Chinese Journal of Health Policy 6 (2):1-3 [in Chinese].

  • Chen, G and L. Liang (2012). “Measuring Health System Efficiency: A Cross-country Comparison Using Non-parametric Methods.” Chinese Journal of Health Policy 5 (3): 61-66 [in Chinese].

Conference Papers

  • Liang, L. “Practice variations and provider payment methods: Evidence from Taiwan”. The 8th Japan-Taiwan-Korea Health Economics Associations Joint Conference, Seoul, 21 October, 2016.

  • Liang, L., A. D. Tussing and G. Liu, “Variation in health spending and risk pool fragmentation in China.” The 11th iHEA World Congress, Milan, 12--15 July 2015.

  • Liang, L. “Cyclical Behaviour of Government Health Expenditure: A Cross-country Analysis.” 2015 Taiwan Society of Health Economics Summer Workshop, Taipei, 30 May 2015.

  • Liang, L. and A Dale Tussing, “Geographic variation in health care spending in China: Where does the variation come from? ” Health Services Research Conference, Taipei, 5 September 2014.

  • Liang, L. and J. C. Langenbrunner, “Assessing the Impact of Universal Health Coverage on Out-of-Pocket Payment in China.” The iHEA Congress, Sydney, 8-3 July 2013.

  • Liang, L. and J. C. Langenbrunner, “Assessing the Impact of Universal Health Coverage on Out-of-Pocket Payment in China.” The iHEA Congress, 8-3 July 2013.

  • Liang, L. “How Significant is the Role of the Government in Controlling Per Capita Health Expenditure? An International Comparison across 142 Countries.” The 2nd Global Symposium of Health Systems Research, 31 October - 3 November 2012.

  • Liang, L. “The Dynamic Effect of Prospective Payment on Patient Outcomes and the Length of Stay: With Evidence from Thyroidectomy in Taiwan.” Health System Reform in Asia 2011 Conference, The University of Hong Kong, 9-12 December 2011.

  • Liang, L. “Is there an Overestimation of the Effects of Reimbursement Reforms on Intensity of Care? A Differences-in-Differences Approach.” Health Economists’ Study Group (HESG) Winter Conference, the University of York, 5-7 January, 2011.

  • Liang, L. “The Efficiency of Outpatient Services in Taiwan: a Data Envelopment Analysis.” The Asia Pacific Summit on Health Insurance 2010, Indonesia, 20-23 October, 2010.





Group-based P4P and health care integration: Impact of Family Doctor Plan in Taiwan and its determinants


Regional variation in health care and doctors' practice style: Evidence from Taiwan





Consultant, the World Bank


Policy Research Expert, China Association of Social Welfare



  • Members of international Health Economics Association & Taiwan Society of Health Economics



  • Reviewers for Health Economics, Social Science and Medicine, Health Economics Review, Journal of Health Services Research and Policy, BMC Health Services Research, Health Policy


Health Economic Evaluation; Introduction to Business; Health Economics, Policy and Management; Advanced Statistics with Applications to Health Services Research; Principles of Economics