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Wanncherng Wang

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4657 wangw@mail.nsysu.edu.tw


Accounting and Finance




Professor, National Sun Yat-sen University


Professor, National Cheng Kung University


Associate Professor, National Cheng Kung University


Associate Professor, Tamkang University



PhD in Accounting, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USA 
MS in Accounting, Columbia University
MBA, National Chengchi University, Taiwan 
BBA, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan


Refereed Academic Journals


  • Chich-Hsien Yu, Wanncherng Wang, Tsai-Yin Chen, 2014, Mutual Fund Herding and Price Discovery--Evidence from an Emerging Market, forthcoming. Advances in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

  • Wang, Wanncherng. 2012. Stock Market Valuation of Intangible Assets. provisionally accepted for publication by “International Review of Business Research Papers

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  • Wang, Wanncherng. 2000. Optimal output mix decision models under cost-volume-profit with demand uncertainty, The Journal of National Cheng Kung University: 171-186.

Conference Papers

  • Wanncherng Wang, Stopping mandatory disclosures and financial analyst coverage: evidence from Taiwan, Okinawa, Japan, 2-4 August 2016.

  • Wanncherng Wang and Chih-Hsien Yu, The Earnings Present-Value Relation: Theory and Evidence, Venice, Italy - Ca` Foscari University July, 2-4, 2014

  • Wang, Wanncherng, Jian Zhou, Ken Chen, Why Do Firms Voluntarily Disclose Financial Forecasts? Evidence from a Regulatory Change in Taiwan, 2013 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, ANAHEIM, CA, USA (under third round review)

  • Wang, Wanncherng. 2012. Stock Market Valuation of Intangible Assets. 2012 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting.WashingtonDC, USA.

  • Wang, Wanncherng. 2012. Fundamental Value, Accounting Conservatism and Market Efficiency.Wang,

  • Wang, Wanncherng. 2009. The Effects of the Integration of Personal and Corporate Income Taxes on Capital Structure and Discretionary Accruals. The American Accounting Association 2009 Annual Meeting. New York, USA.

  • Wanncherng, Wang 2008. Measuring and Managing ntellectual Capital: Taiwanese Banking Sector, The 2008 Accounting Theory and Practice Conference, Taichung, Taiwan.

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  • Wang, Wanncherng. 2005. The Impacts of Management Ownership on Earnings Response Coefficients and Abnormal Earnings – Evidence from Taiwan. The American Accounting Association 2005 annual meeting.

  • Wang, Wanncherng. The effects of the integration of personal and corporate income taxes on capital structure and discretionary accruals. Asian FA/TFA/FMA 2004 Conference in Taipei, Invited submission to the Pacific-Basin Finance Journal.

  • Wang, Wanncherng. 2004. An Evaluation of Balanced Scorecard in Valuation: the Case of Exchange Ratio in the M&A in Financial Industry of Taiwan. The American Accounting Association 2004 Annual Meeting. Orlando, Florida. USA.

  • Wang, Wanncherng, 2002. Management of pro forma earnings: evidence from employee stock options. The Taiwan Finance Association 2002 Annual Meeting.

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  • Wang, Wanncherng. 1997. The information and noise contained in the magnitude of cumulative abnormal returns. The American Accounting Association 1997 Annual Meeting. Dallas, USA>


  • Reeve, James M., Carl S. Warren, Jonathan E. Duchac, Wanncherng Wang. 2014. Principles of Financial Accounting with Conceptual Emphasis on IFRS. Cengage Learnings. IBSN-13: 978-981-4455-14-5. IBSN-10: 981-4455-14-8

  • Wang, Wanncherng. 2012. SAS—Applications in Economics and Finance, Shinlou Publishing, Taipei (In Chinese).

Other Publications

  • Accounting information and discount rate, NSC 101-2410-H-110 -023 -

  • The value relevance of cash holdings—asset turnover, intangible assets and corporate governance, NSC 100-2410-H-110 -019 -





Intangible Assets, Value Relevance and Accounting Anomaly. NSC 98 - 2410 - H - 006 - 052


The Measurement and Valuation Relevance of Intellectual Capital. 96-2416-H-006-032-MY2


Why do firms voluntarily disclose earnings forecasts: evidence from Taiwanese companies. 95-2416-H-006-015


The valuation and measurement of intellectual capital using balanced scorecard. NSC 94-2416-H-006-038


A Study of Financial Statement Information in the Valuation of Options. NSC   93-2416-H-006-034


Management of pro forma earnings: the case of employee stock options. NSC 91-2416-H-006-036


Ownership structure, firm performance and valuation. NSC 90-2416-H-006-002


The usefulness of disclosure on financial derivatives in the evaluation of risk and equity valuation for the US banking industry. NSC89-2416-H -006 -064


The imputed costs of the share-based employee stock options and financial reporting,NSC89-2416-H-006-017


A study on the cost drivers of National Health Insurance. NSC-88-2416-H-006-006


Operating performance and accounting manipulations around IPOs. NSC-87-2416-H-006-037





Financial Accounting Theory, Managerial Accounting Theory


Management Accounting, Empirical Research in Accounting and Finance, Financial Management, Business Valuation


Financial Statement Analysis, Case Studies in Management Accounting, Business Valuation





Best paper award, The 2002 Taiwan Accounting Theory and Practice Conference, Taipei

1995, 1998, 2000

National Science Council A-grade award




American Accounting Association

Taiwan Accounting Association