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International Exchange

MBA students may be eligible to apply for the International Exchange Program. Credits earned from exchange studies can be transferred and counted toward graduation. Students should follow regulations for exchange programs.

· Exchange Program:

  We firmly believe that international vision is one of the essential criteria that future business leaders must possess in the newly emerging global society. For years, a variety of pioneering international programs has been developed and expanded to provide students opportunities to gain cross-cultural experiences and to enrich them with international perspectives. The Institute of Business Management is actively involved in international exchanges and other activities.

· Exchange Student:

  We welcome exchange students from our partner schools and offer courses for them to learn how to do the business in China and oriental world.

*For more information please link to:

· http://www.oia.nsysu.edu.tw/office/IS/

· https://www.cm.nsysu.edu.tw/?Lang=en