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Chien-Yuan Sher

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4629 cysher@mail.nsysu.edu.tw


Public Economics, Cultural Economics, Empirical Microeconomics, Applied Micro-econometrics


2012 PhD of economics , Boston University.
2001 Department of Economics, National Taiwan University Master.
1998 Bachelor of Economics, National Taiwan University.


Refereed Academic Journals


  • Haldun Evrenk, Chien-Yuan Sher (2015). Social interactions in voting behavior: distinguishing between strategic voting and the bandwagon effect. Public Choice, 162(3-4), 405-423.

  • 佘健源 [Chien-Yuan Sher](2015)。台灣立委選制改革對現任者競選優勢之影響 [How does the change in the system of legislative elections affect incumbency advantage in Taiwan]。經濟論文叢刊 [Taiwan Economic Review]。(forthcoming)

Refereed Academic Chapter


  • 李文環、黃于津、佘健源 [Wen-Huan Lee, Yu-Chin Huang, Chien-Yuan Sher](2015)。(哈瑪星)戰後的移民與信仰 [The immigrants and religion after World War II (in Hamasen)]。高雄港都首部曲:哈瑪星 [Kaohsiung: Hamasen],177-195。高雄市:高雄市文化局 [Kaohisung: Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government]。ISBN:978-986-178-349-9。

Conference Papers

  • Liu, Yu-Hsi, Chien-Yuan Sher, and Chi-Jung Lu (2017). “Can government-sponsored museum exhibitions influence art market? An empirical investigation in art auction market.” 2017 Winter American Marketing Association Conference, Orlando, USA, 2/17/2017-2/19/2017. (Accepted; oral presentation)

  • Sher, Chien-Yuan, Pei-Chi Chu, and Yu-Hsi Liu (2016). “The impact of amateur film reviews on movie theater attendance: predictors versus influencers.” 19th International Conference on Cultural Economics, Valladolid, Spain, 6/21/2016-6/24/2016

  • Liu, Yu-Hsi, and Chien-Yuan Sher (2016). “Can policy influence art markets? An empirical investigation in art auction markets.” The 41st Annual Meetings of the Association of Private Enterprise Education, Las Vegas, USA, 4/3/2016-4/5/2016

  • Sher, Chien-Yuan, and Yu-Hsi Liu (2016). “Can local economic revival project improve local economy? The effect of 921 Earthquake reconstruction in Taiwan.” The 41st Annual Meetings of the Association of Private Enterprise Education, Las Vegas, USA, 4/3/2016-4/5/2016.

  • 蔡旻學、佘健源 [Min-Hsueh Tsai, Chien-Yuan Sher] (2016)。行動應用程式市場普及程度之實證分析研究:論排行前25之APP特性[An empirical analysis on iOS popularity: on APP-specific characteristics of APP crossing the top 25 threshold]?第八屆台灣商管與資訊研討會,台北,國立台北大學[2016 Taiwan Conference on Business and Information, Taipei, Taiwan]。3/25/2016。

  • 余幸茱、佘健源 [Hsing-Chu Yu, Chien-Yuan Sher] (2016)。煙火活動是否真能帶來觀光人潮[Can firework festivals bring more tourists]?第八屆台灣商管與資訊研討會,台北,國立台北大學[2016 Taiwan Conference on Business and Information, Taipei, Taiwan]。3/25/2016。

  • 佘健源、蘇晨、張尹 [Chien-Yuan Sher, Chen Su, Yin Chang] (2015)。水災與水患治理的政治效果:以台南、高雄為例 [The political impact of floods and flood management in Tainan and Kaohsiung]。2015年台灣政治學會年會,金門,國立金門大學 [2015 Taiwanese Political Science Association Annual Meetings, Kinmen, Taiwan]。11/14/2015-11/15/2015。

  • Kuo, Romir, and Sher, Chien-Yuan (2014). “Can Facebook Popularity Help Boost Sales? A Study on Chinese Singers Fan Page,” The Eleventh Annual Conference of Taiwan Institute of Marketing Science, Taipei, Taiwan, 12/13/2014.

  • Sher, Chien-Yuan, and Chu, Chien-Min (2014). “The Impact of 921 Earthquake on 2000 and 2004 Presidential Elections,” 2014 Taiwanese Political Science Association Annual Meetings, Taipei, Taiwan, 12/6/2014-12/7/2014.

  • Sher, Chien-Yuan, and Yang, Ying-Jun (2014). “Does YouTube Affect Physical Album Sales in Taiwan: A Preliminary Study,” 2014 Shan-Hai Conference(山海論壇), Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 10/22/2014-10/24/2014.

  • Sher, Chien-Yuan, Lee, Wen-Huan, and Chen, Cheng-Qing (2014). “Build Modern Silk Roads via International Connection within Chao-Shan People,” Cross-Strait Marine Economic Cooperation Conference (海峽兩岸海洋經濟合作交流會), Shantou, China, 8/26/2014-8/27/2014.

  • Sher, Chien-Yuan (2014). “Network Marketing in a Political Campaign - An Empirical Examination on Electoral Clientelism in Taiwan,” 2014 International Conference on Taiwan’s Election and Democratization Study: Perspectives on Citizen Participation, Taipei, Taiwan, 3/22/2014-3/23/2014.

  • Sher, Chien-Yuan (2013). “How Does the Change in the System of Legislative Elections Affect Incumbency Advantage in Taiwan,” 2013 Taiwanese Political Science Association Annual Meetings, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 11/30/2013-12/1/2013.

  • Sher, Chien-Yuan, Wang, Yu-Fong, Yen, Wan-Ling, and Huang, Yi-Jhong (2013). “The Chao-Shan Immigrants and Trade in Kaohsiung between 1946-1950,” 2013 International Marine Culture Conference, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 10/17/2013-10/18/2013.

  • Sher, Chien-Yuan (2012). “Social Interactions in Voting Behavior: Distinguishing Strategic Voting from a Bandwagon Effect,” 2012 Second World Congress of the Public Choice Society, Miami, USA, 3/8/2012-3/11/2012.

  • Chien-Yuan Sher (2011). “Distinguishing Strategic Voting from Bandwagon Effects: How did Voters' Subjective Expectations Affect Results. Elections,” Public Opinion, and Parties Conference 2011, Exeter, UK, 9/9/2011-9/11/2011.

  • Chien-Yuan Sher (2011). Estimating the Effects of Campaigning betweenIncumbents and Challengers: Doorstep Canvassing and Telephone Canvassing inBritain. 26th Annual Congress of the European Economic Association & 65th European Meeting of the Econometric Society, Oslo, Norway, 8/25/2011-8/29/2011.

Other Publications

PROJECTS 2012-2016




Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan“Can Local Economic Revival Project Improve Local Economy? The Effect of 921 Earthquake Reconstruction in Taiwan,”
MOST 105-2410-H-110-007


Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan
“Disaster Management and Retrospective Voting: How the Disaster Management after 921 Earthquake Affected Taiwan’s Voters,”
MOST 103-2410-H-110-008-MY2


National Science Council, Taiwan
“How Does the Change in the System of Legislative Elections Affect Incumbency Advantage in Taiwan,”
NSC 102-2410-H-110-004

SERVICES 2012-2016




高雄市政府有線廣播電視系統費率審議委員 [Committee member, Cable Television Commission, Kaohsiung City Government]


國立中山大學課外活動組組長 [Chief, Extracurricular Activities Section, National Sun Yat-Sen University]


Reviewer of Public Choice

AWARDS 2012-2016




國立中山大學校教學績優教師 [College Outstanding Teaching Awards, National Sun Yat-Sen University]


國立中山大學管理學院優良導師 [College Distinguished Mentor Awards, Management School, National Sun Yat-Sen University]


台灣政治學會2014年年會政治理論年度最佳論文 [The best annual conference paper in political theory, Taiwanese Political Science Association]

2012, 2013

國立中山大學管理學院優良導師 [College Distinguished Mentor Awards, Management School, National Sun Yat-Sen University]


國立中山大學新進教師獎勵 [New recruit incentives, National Sun Yat-Sen University]



A member of Taiwanese Political Science Association


A member of Econometric Society


A member of Public Choice Society


A member of American Political Science Association

Others: Practice/Community Impact 2012-2015


Media Citations


Columnist Articles


    天下雜誌獨立評論 [CommonWealth Magazine],經濟五四三


  • 佘健源、劉玉皙,「不理性」選民 – 民主制度的推手,11/3/2015

  • 佘健源、劉玉皙,賣地治標不治本,釐清定位才是讓台鐵脫離虧損的關鍵,9/29/2015

  • 佘健源、劉玉皙,公開票房,才能促進電影產業發展,8/27/2013.

  • 佘健源、劉玉皙,老將有實力卻不敢拼,砲灰出馬讓艱困選區更艱困,7/29/2015

  • 劉玉皙、佘健源,保母價格統一,無法解決父母重擔,7/1/2015.

  • 劉玉皙、佘健源,用經濟學設計理想的找保母系統,6/3/2015.

  • 佘健源、劉玉皙,慕谷慕魚持續封山,觀光客一定人人搶嗎,5/6/2015.

  • 佘健源、劉玉皙,觀光勝地居民怒吼 陸客來台到底肥了誰,04/08/2015.

  • 佘健源、劉玉皙,祖厝變古蹟,如何讓人心甘情願,03/10/2015.

Opinion Editorial (Op-ed) Articles

  • 佘健源、劉玉皙,七休一新制,能改變過勞運輸業嗎,報導者 [The Reporter],10/12/2016。

  • 劉玉皙、佘健源,轉型正義的經濟意義:一個實證的觀點,報導者 [The Reporter],5/14/2016。

  • 佘健源、劉玉皙,人潮並不等於錢潮:中國觀光團來台七年後,想想論壇 [Thinking-Taiwan Forum],7/22/2015.

  • Chien-Yuan Sher, Yu-His Liu, translated by Perry Svensson, Economic Forecasts not infallible, Taipei Times, 6/3/2013.

  • 佘健源、劉玉皙,經濟預測的是與非,蘋果日報 [Apple Daily],5/31/2013.

  • 佘健源、劉玉皙,全面尿液篩檢的統計陷阱,蘋果日報 [Apple Daily],5/8/2013.

  • 佘健源、劉玉皙,政府失靈後的台灣經濟,蘋果日報 [Apple Daily],12/26/2012.

  • 佘健源、劉玉皙,處理勞資爭議才能救經濟,蘋果日報 [Apple Daily],09/12/2012.