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   In accommodating for the rapid changes in societal needs, and the increasing demand in various medical knowledge and health particularly since the implementation of the health insurance in 1995, the health care management system face the new challenge and strike.

  According to this, Master in Health Care Management (HCM) of National Sun Yat-Sen University was inceptive and established in October 2002 .In order to provide students more resources of education, we incorporate in Department of Business Management, and modify our name to Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management in September.


  We strive to train our students with theories and hands-on experiences to integrate cutting stage innovation and management know-how from a broad spectrum of organizational knowledge to provide quality human resources for the management in the medical field.


  We expect our students to make good use of medical facility and with their professional knowledge captured together to improve the bottom line and boost the quality as well as be cost-effective in various implementation of daily operational decisions in their field service. control the medical cost-efficiently and become the mid-level managers in medical institutions in the future.


  We are confident the Master of Health Care Management, Department of Business Management of NSYSU could reorganize the management-related subjects and health care courses with abundant teaching resources and experiences that doctors, medical professors, and working professionals from the field. We could elaborate the advantages both in management and health care in medical industry, and also train our students to become a health care specialist with international vision and competitively.