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 The MBA curriculum will consist of 4 required courses (12 credits) and 27 elective credits with a total of 39 credit hours. A master thesis is required for graduation. The normal study period of this program will be 2 years; the maximum period of study will be 4 years.

Required Courses:

·   Topics on Health Care Systems

·    Statistics in Health Care

·   Research Method in Health Care

·   Health Services Organization and Management Theory

Each course is 3-credit units and may be waived if an equivalent course has been taken before.


Elective Courses:

Elective courses are provided for students to develop their expertise in specialized areas, including Elderly Health Care Management, Medical Management, and Health Technology Industry Management.

 Elderly Health Care Management

·    Health Economics for Policy and Administration

·    Healthcare Issues in International Perspective

 Medical Management

·    Health Economics for Policy and Administration

·    Economic evaluation in medicine & health care

·    Ethics in Medicine and Medical Research

·    Quality Management in Health Care

·    Field Training in Health Care Industry

·    Research Project in Health Care

·    Hospital Operations Management

 Health Technology Industry Management

·    Healthcare Issues in International Perspective

·    Epidemiology

·    Introduction to Medicine

·    Advanced Statistical Methods in Healthcare Research

·    Hospital Operations Management

·    Evidence-based Medicine Research Method