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Admission Requirements


1.  All applicants must hold a Bachelor degree with outstanding performance from a legitimate university.

2.  All applicants must submit a full application package to the admissions office, including:

(1)       A completed application form

(2)       A statement of the study purpose

(3)       Two recommendation letters

(4)       Two copies of the official transcript of the Bachelor Degree (or equivalent)

(5)       Graduation (or expected graduation) diploma or certificate from all colleges attended

(6)       Certification of language proficiency: all applicants are expected to be able to speak, comprehend, and write fluently in English. For applicants whose degrees are from non-English speaking countries, TOEFL or GMAT score or other certifications can be submitted to demonstrate their English proficiency.

(7)       Any other supporting materials.

(8)       Interviews will be conducted if necessary.