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Ni-Yun Chen,PhD

Ni-Yun Chen

Office: CM4089-1
Phone: 4632
Email: nychen@mail.nsysu.edu.tw



  • Financial Accounting and Capital Market (Taiwan Certified Public Accountant, Certificate No. 1132 American Certified Public Accountant, Certificate No. 8197)



  • 2016/08-present       Associate Professor, National Sun Yat-sen University
  • 2015/02-2016/07      Associate Professor, National Dong-Hwa University
  • 2008/08/-2015/01    Assistant Professor, National Dong-Hwa University
  • 2000/08-2008/07      Lecturer, Dahan Technology College
  • 1998/08-2000/07      Director in the department of accounting, Mennonite Christian Hospital
  • 1996/11-1998/07      In-charge in the Auditing department, Deloitte International Accounting Firm
  • 1995/08-1996/07      Lecturer, Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism University



  • PhD, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.
  • MA, University of Iowa, Iowa, US.
  • BA, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.



  • 2016-2018       Determinants in the Repurchase and Cost of Capital: An International Comparison
  • 2015-2016       Does the Repurchase Announcement Set a Signal to Benefit or to Mislead Investor?
  • 2014-2015       Agency Problems over Payout Policy and the Cost of Debts
  • 2013-2014       Earnings Quality, Audit Quality and Payout Policy
  • 2012-2014       Share Repurchase, Credit Ratings and Abnormal Earnings
  • 2012-2013       Communications of Block Share Repurchases
  • 2011-2013       Reexamine Earnings Management behind Open-Market Repurchases
  • 2010-2011       Voluntary Disclosure, Debt Financing Structure and Repurchase Signaling
  • 2009-2010       The Impact of Analysts’ Forecasts on Share Repurchases as Signals for Earnings



  • Master        Seminar on Financial Accounting Standards. Seminar on Financial Accounting Theory. Seminar on Financial Accounting and Auditing Issues.
  • Bachelor     Advanced Accounting. Managerial Accounting. Financial Statement Analysis. Financial Accounting



  • 2012/8/1-2013/7/31      Reviewer of 2012 Accounting Theory and Practice Conference. Reviewer of Review of Accounting and Auditing Studies. Reviewer of Journal of Accounting Review. Reviewer of MOST projects.
  • 2013/8/1-2014/7/31      Reviewer of Sun Yat-Sen Management Review. Reviewer of MOST projects.
  • 2014/8/1-2015/7/31      Reviewer of 2014 Accounting Theory and Practice Conference. Reviewer of MOST projects.
  • 2015/8/1-2016/7/31      Reviewer of 2015 Accounting Theory and Practice Conference. Reviewer of MOST projects. Reviewer of Journal of Management.
  • 2016/8/1-2017/7/31      Reviewer of MOST projects.



1. European Accounting Association.
2. Taiwan Accounting Association