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Defense Procedures

Oral Defense Procedures for your reference:

1. Thesis adviser shall inform students below BEFORE oral defense deadline.

a) 3 committee members name/job title/department/university (normally 2 NSYSU professors, 1 external professor)

b) Oral Defense date and time

2. Students need to complete online application for oral defense (website only Chinese available)


3. Students need to pass thesis hard/soft copies to 3 committee members     ?     days before the oral defense (depends on your thesis adviser)

4. BEFORE oral defense, students need to upload thesis onto Turnitin to check plagiarism percentage (notify BM staff and we would set up an account for students, and Turnitin will email account/password info to students automatically).

5. BM staff/students will arrange a classroom for the oral defense, students will need to get "Oral Defense Kit" from BM office before the oral defense date

An 'Oral Defense Kit' containing various sheets, including approval sheet, grading sheets and expense sheets, will be prepared by the Office.

Also College of Management questionnaire研究生核心能力評量表 for 2 committee members(not including thesis adviser)

6. After the oral defense, students need to bring all forms back to BM office. Thank you very much

7. Students will need to follow Leaving School Procedures(thesis final version plagiarism percentage is needed again) and eventually obtain your MBA diploma.

8. National Sun Yat-sen University Thesis/Dissertation Format Regulations