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Graduation Procedure


Dear students,

Please read the below information and know exactly what you should do after your oral defense.

Step 1: Revise your thesis

During the oral defense, you all got feedback from your committee members. Please revise your thesis accordingly and submit it to your adviser for a final review. Once your adviser gives you a green light, you are ready to proceed.

Plagiarism Detection Checker: https://lis.nsysu.edu.tw/p/412-1001-15281.php

Have your thesis checked for a final time.

*Please upload your latest TURNITIN Originality Report (need to print out and ask your adviser to sign it) to https://lis.nsysu.edu.tw/p/412-1001-22343.php

Step 2: Check thesis format and convert it into PDF

Your adviser will mainly focus on your thesis contents so it's a good idea for you to check the thesis format before converting it into a PDF file for deposit.

Please go to BM MBA website: https://reurl.cc/rQMokN

Download Thesis Cover Format / National Sun Yat-Sen University Thesis/Dissertation Format Regulations

Step 3: Thesis deposit

Deposit your PDF thesis into the library system: https://ethesys.lis.nsysu.edu.tw/ETD-qa/login/login.php

While you are depositing your thesis, you would need to select whether you would like this thesis to be opened for reading and an authorization form (論文授權書) will be given by the system. Please print out 2 copies.

2~3 days after the deposit, the library will send you an email to confirm whether your thesis is OK or not. If not, the email will specify what exactly you need to adjust. Once confirmed by the library, your thesis is ready for print.

Step 4: Print out your thesis

After you make sure everything is correct, please convert your WORD file into PDF.

Go to any printing store around campus or in campus. (The e-mail of school print shop: v660.dmc@msa.hinet.net ). Please print out 3 copies with light yellow cover. The school print store knows about the cover color. You just need to let them know you are from the College of Management, NSYSU.

Step 5: Graduation procedure

Print out the Graduation Procedure Form (check with your program coordinator) and start the graduation process:

(1) Getting adviser's signature or stamp on Graduation Procedure Form, Latest Plagiarism Detection Checker Report, Declaration and Authorization Form*2 (Please print it out from the library system)

*Link to download Declaration form: https://bm.nsysu.edu.tw/var/file/231/1231/img/2007/Declaration-_-20200608.docx

(2)Fill out questionnaires (2 for school and 1 for AACSB)

**The two Questionnaires for school


(English Version: http://sis.nsysu.edu.tw/en)

Log in with Student ID: M054610048 / password: 1206HA

**AACSB questionnaire:


The account is the date of your birth and the first letter of your name, for example: 19901206HA

(3) Go to the Academic Affairs Office with your Graduation Procedure Form and your student ID card. You will then pick up your diploma.

*A few notices*

(1) If you are an international student and plan to authenticate your diploma before leaving Taiwan, please remember to ask Christine (OIA) for more details.

(2) If you have taken any course in this semester, you need to wait until your instructors have given the grades to school.

(3) If you decide to leave Taiwan before completing the leaving procedure it is YOUR responsibility to find somebody who can complete the process for you on campus. The leaving procedure cannot be completed off campus - you or your designated representative will need to be on campus to complete this process - after all graduation requirements are completed.

Hope this is helpful and please let me know if you have any other concern.