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2020 Regulations of Ph.D. Program











Regulations of Ph.D. Program, Department of Business Management

National Sun Yat-sen University

*These regulations are translated from the Chinese version of國立中山大學企業管理學系博士班企業管理組規則(PhD) 109學年度之後入學適用. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the English version and Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

  1. Eligibility

These regulations are based on “Ministry of Education (MOE) Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan”. If the MOE Regulations are updated, these regulations announced by the MOE will take precedence.

  1. Admission Requirements

All the following documents should be submitted to the online application system:

  1. Materials required by the university*
  2. Copies (Certified) of master diploma and (cumulative) transcript
  3. Two (2) recommendation letters
  4. Study plan and autobiography in English
  5. English certificate: iBT-TOEFL of 83/ IELTS of 6.5/ TOEIC of 800

*Please see National Sun Yat-sen University Admission Application for International Degree Students for every semester.

  1. Application materials will be reviewed by the Ph.D. Program Committee.


  1. Period of Study

The duration of study is from three to seven years.

  1. Graduation Credits Requirements

15 credits should be earned from required courses, and 15 credits from elective courses. Students should earn at least 30 credits before graduation.

  1. Required courses:
    1. Advanced Quantitative Methods I (3credits)
    2. Advanced Quantitative Methods II (3credits)
    3. Advanced Management Theory (3credits)
    4. Advanced Business Research Methods (3credits)
    5. Microeconomic Analysis (3credits)

For Ph.D. student without prior management background should take at least three Basic Management courses in MBA program before submitting the application of research proposal. These courses can be waived according to the decision of the Curriculum Committee.

  1. Basic management courses:
  1. Production Management
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Financial Management
  5. Information Management
  6. Strategic Management

  1. Ph.D. Qualifying Examination

A Ph.D. student who completes all the required courses and 2 electives in specific areas is eligible to apply for the Qualifying Examination.

  1. Qualifying Examination: The subjects are (a) course in specific area (b) Research Method.
  2. The Qualifying Examination is held once every year. Students who fail are allowed to retake the examination once. In case of a second failure, students will be dismissed from the Ph.D. Program.
  3. Students who are unable to take the Qualifying Examination within two to five years after starting the program will be dismissed from the Ph.D. Program.
  4. Students who pass the Qualifying Examination and meet the regulations of Implementation Bylaws for Ph.D. and Master Degree Examination are eligible to be proposed doctoral candidacy by the Head of the Department of Business Management.

  1. Ph.D. Program Committee

Ph.D. Program Committee members are appointed by the Head of the department and the convener.

  1. The Doctoral Dissertation Advisory Board

After passing the qualifying examination, the Doctor Dissertation Advisory Board can be formed after consulting with the Head of the Department. The Dissertation Advisory Board is basically consistent of 3 members and the advisor as the convener.

  1. Advisor to the Doctoral Dissertation
  1. The advisor in principle shall be at least one of the full-time faculty members from the Department of Business Management. A professor invited from other universities can be co-advisor but should be approved by the Head of the department. The topic of doctoral dissertation shall be approved by the Doctoral Dissertation Advisory Board.
  2. Ph.D. students are required to sign up one advisor before the beginning of the first semester of their second year of study.
  3. A dissertation advisor can only take two PhD students per class as advisee.

  1. Study Abroad

A Ph.D. student can apply for one-year study abroad for his/her dissertation. The course credits s/he undertook at the foreign university should be complied with National Sun Yat-sen University Guidelines for the Study and Enrollment Status of Student Going Abroad.

  1. Research Proposal (After passing the Qualifying Examination)

Every Ph.D. candidate should conduct a seminar for his/her research proposal to his/her doctoral dissertation advisory board. The proposal should include research background, research purpose, research methodologies, conceptual framework, and bibliographies.

  1. The Change of Dissertation Topic or Advisor

A Ph.D. student can apply to the Ph.D. Program Committee to change his/her dissertation topic or advisor under the following circumstances:

  1. Unmanageable difficulty in accomplishing research goal due to the lack of research resources.
  2. A Ph.D. student who is unable to complete his/her research due to his/her advisor’s absences.
  3. A Ph.D. student can terminate the advisory by getting approval from his/her advisor in accordance with the student’s research direction or personal need; without such approval, s/he can apply for another advisory at least one academic year later.
  4. Other rightful reasons.

  1. Termination

The advisor can terminate the advisory of doctoral dissertation upon the approval of the Head of the department under the following circumstances:

  1. A Ph.D. student does not comply with his/her advisor’s direction of either course-selection or research.
  2. A Ph.D. student does not contact with his/her advisor for a period of time without rightful reasons.

  1. Procedure for Preliminary Examination

The Preliminary Examination should be held before the application of Ph.D. Degree Examination. A Ph.D. candidate should precede a Preliminary Examination with his/her advisory board, comprised of at least five members including the Ph.D. candidate’s advisor. The final score of the Preliminary Examination is graded anonymously by the advisory board; but if 1/3 of the members or beyond grade “Fail”, then s/he fails the Preliminary Examination. Students who fail are allowed to retake the Preliminary Examination once. In case of the second failure, s/he will be dismissed from the department. (The Preliminary Examination is held upon the advisor’s decision.)

  1. Ph.D. Degree Examination Requirements

A Ph.D. candidate who has completed the following requirements is eligible to apply for the Ph.D. Degree Examination.

  1. Publication Records (the scoring mode please see Appendix 1)

Every Ph.D. candidate must collect at least 200 points from their publications. All of the applications must submit approve of acceptance or the points will not be counted.

  1. A Ph.D. candidate must present his/her research at least ONCE at “Seminar in Business Management” courses offered by Ph.D. Program.
  2. A Ph.D. student must take four seminar courses, “Seminar in Business Management I”, “Seminar in Business Management II”, “Seminar in Business Management III” and “Seminar in Business Management I” “Seminar in Business Management IV” before his/her application for Ph.D. Degree Examination.
  3. A Ph.D. candidate must take “ETHICS AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY” course offered by College of Management before his/her application for Ph.D. Degree Examination.

  1. Application of Ph.D. Degree Examination

Before the Ph.D. Degree Examination the Ph.D. candidate must submit his/her printed dissertation, abstract, and the recommendation letter from the advisor to the department office. The format, time and place of the Examination and the list of Examination Committee must be verified by Office of Academic Affairs and then invited by the President of the university. The follow-up will be informed by Office of Academic Affairs.

  1. Ph.D. Degree Examination Committee
  1. The Ph.D. Degree Examination Committee is comprised of 5 to 9 members with at least 1/3 of the members invited from another university. The committee coordinator is appointed by the Head of the department.
  2. The qualifications of Ph.D. Degree Examination committee members are defined by Ministry of Education.

  1. Ph.D. Degree Examination

The final score of Ph.D. Degree Examination is graded anonymously by the committee members; but if 1/3 of the members or beyond grade “Fail”, then s/he fails the Examination. If a PhD candidate failed the degree examination and has not yet reached their maximum study period, they may retake the examination application in the following semester or academic year. Only one resit is allowed; if they fail to pass the examination upon resit then they should be dismissed from the Ph.D. Program.

  1. Ph.D. Degree

A Ph.D. candidate who passes Ph.D. Degree Examination will be conferred the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The graduation grade is the average of their academic performance over previous years and their degree examination result.

  1. Guidelines and Modifications
  1. This regulation was formulated in accordance with the “Degree Conferral Law”, its implementation bylaws and the “Academic Regulations” of the university.
  2. This regulation shall be revised according to the modifications of previous rules, articles, and related laws.
  3. This regulation shall be revised by Department Council according to meet the needs of teaching, research, and academic development.

  1. This regulation was approved by the Department Council and College Council and approved by the President of the university prior to implementation. Modifications shall follow the same procedure.