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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements:

1Anyone who has graduated from a public or private university or a graduate school of a foreign university that meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education, and has obtained a master's degree or a graduate of a master's program; or has the same academic ability as the doctoral program in the university.

2Exam items:

  1. Review [50%]

Please go to our school registration system to complete the registration procedure. Go to the website of this department and log in to the "Personal Data Sheet for Admission to the Doctoral Program of the Department of Business Management" at http://www.bm.nsysu.edu.tw

1. Master's thesis, other publications, award-winning honors or licenses

(1) New graduates can be substituted for the first draft of the master's thesis after obtaining the signature of the adviser.

(2) Publication of art or applied technology to master's thesis can be created, exhibited and written report or replaced by technical report.

(3) For applicants with equivalent academic ability or without a master's thesis, please upload a work equivalent to the master's thesis.

(4) If you graduate from the medical department of a university, you must have a bachelor's degree in medicine. Have been trained as a clinical specialist resident in a teaching hospital recognized by the Ministry of Education for more than three years. Please upload proof of work.

2.The full academic transcript of the university department and the master's program (new graduates are exempt from uploading the transcript of the last semester)

3. Business research plan (12-level words, single line interval, 5-10 pages)

4. (Posted) Two recommendation letters.

  1. Interview [50%]