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Department of Business Management (Bachelor) Curriculum Map

Compulsory Courses
First year Second year Third year Fourth year
Accounting (I)(II) Statistic (I)(II) Managerial
Economics (I)(II) Marketing Management Management Information Systems  
Calculus (I)(II) Organizational Behavior Financial Management  
Introduction to Business Law and Ethics in Bisiness Business Law  
Management Production and Operation Management    
  Human Resources Management    

Elective Courses
Marketing Research Enterprise Ethics Accounting Practice (I)(II) Personal Financial Planning International Business Practices Management And Entrepreneurship Introduction to Technology Management Small Business Management
Consumer Behavior Learning Management from Film Intermediate Accounting (I)(II) Seminar in Civil And Business Law Small Business Internationalization Entrepreneurship Trends in Emerging Technologies Special Topics in Failure
Case Studies In Marketing Labor Law and Labor Issues Practice Of Intermediate Accounting (I)(II) Enterprise and Economic Law International Business Management  Innovation And Implementation Technology Management Special Topics in Theory Of Failure
Integrated Marketing Communication   Cost Accounting New Business and Law Cross-Culture Management Creativity In Business Introduction To Enterprise Resources Planning Selected Readings in Management
Marketing Channel Management   Advanced Accounting (I)(II) Economics Practice (I)(II) Emerging Market Issues Introduction To Systematic Thinking Platform Competition Hong Kong and Macau Enterprise Management Culture
    Accounting Information Systems Technology Law And Its Traps In The Modern Society International Business and Strategic Management Creative Thinking    Japanese for Business(I)(II)
    Auditing 12 Lessons On CEOs In Prison Or Not: The Balance, Bells And Sword International Business Negotiations     English for Business(I)(II)
    Tax Accounting         Statistic Practice (I)(II)
    Financial Statement Analysis         Training & Development of Chain Store Managers
    Accounting Practice         Case Studies
    Managerial Accounting Practice         Introduction to Health Care Management
    Tax Laws          

Practical CoursesAB
A(Choose 1) B(Choose 1)
Seminar in Human Resources Management (I) Seminar in Human Resources Management (II)
Seminar in Marketing Management (I) Seminar in Marketing Management (II)
Seminar in Technology Management (I) Seminar in Technology Management (II)
Seminar in Emerging Industries and Entrepreneurship (I) Seminar in Emerging Industries and Entrepreneurship (II)