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About Us

Master Program of Business Management

      In accommodating for the importance of the connection to the courses and the rapidly changing needs of the market and employment environment, Master of Business Administration of National Sun Yat-Sen University was established in 1980. Our master program has a high standing in Taiwan and the globe. We are the only one business administration program in Taiwan that has got the recognition of top 100 “Masters in Management (MiM)” ranked by Financial Times for four consecutive years.


     We strive to train our students with theories and hands-on experiences to integrate cutting stage innovation and management know-how from a broad spectrum of organizational knowledge to provide quality human resources for the management. Besides, we also provide a series of courses to keep up with the rapidly changing environment in business. For example, advanced business analysis and programming language “R” are taught. Several courses taught by part-time instructors who are accountants or CEOs of companies share real experiences with students directly.


     International view is also important for our MBA student. We encourage students to join exchange programs or dual degree programs in a foreign university to develop students’ global perspectives. We provide more than 100 chances for our student to go abroad. Students in the MBA also participate actively in the buddy programs. The department has been a host for MBA students from Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, and other countries all over the world.


   National Sun Yat-Sen University locate in Sizihwan and Shoushan. The beautiful environment makes our students open-minded and breadth of view. Due to the natural resources, NSYSU also provides basic diving class, basic yachting class and other aquatic recreation activities.


  With all of these rich resources, we are confident the Master of Business Administration of National Sun Yat-Sen University could train our students become the professional business talent with international vision and competitively.