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About Us

Doctoral Program 

         National Sun Yat-Sen University has a good reputation both within Taiwan and in Southeast Asia, and a strong alumni network in Taiwan. The Department of Business Management was created in 1980 in response to the trends toward internationalization in business and related academic research. Besides, our Ph.D. program in business administration was established in 1988.


       Our department has the outstanding educational resource to make the steady foundation of business knowledge. The experienced teachers and comprehensive course structure offered to provide a perfect environment for those interested in the advance of business management.


      To the emerging educational needs for future international competitiveness, most of the major courses are taught in Taiwanese Mandarin and English. Therefore, some of the courses have teamwork projects, training students to be team workers with efficient communication and cooperation skills.


     Beside advanced quantitative methods, advanced management theory, advanced business research methods and microeconomic analysis, students can also take the classes for other advanced profession for the research. We do believe that all of these various resources will bring our students the crucial ability of problem-solution, global perspective, and the knowledge of professional business management.


All these rich resources make our students become the professional business talent who have the international competitiveness.