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About Us


The establishment of Business Administration Department of National Sun Yat-sen University aims to cultivate the talents of business management with professional ability and global vision. To aid industry in global distribution, developing new markets, engaging in business innovation, and applying corporate social responsibilities, we supply rich set of business-related curricula to train students to have independent and critical thinking, the ability of analyzing market situation and providing solutions.


Since globalization has become a trend, we strive to train our students with global vision, in addition to international courses in college, we also encourage students to apply for exchange program and dual degree program. There are over two hundred partner universities all over the world.


Interdisciplinary talents are competitive in current society, we supply more than one hundred professional programs for students to apply, such as marketing management program, human resource program, accounting program and so on. Through these programs, students could enhance their professional ability and competitiveness strength.


National Sun Yat-Sen University is in the beautiful shoreline of Sizihwan and Shoushan National Nature Park. The beautiful and relax setting makes our students be open-minded. With the natural resources, NSYSU also provides various aquatic activities, which let students have the opportunity to experience different life here.


With all of these rich curricula in nature setting, we are confident the Bachelor of Business Administration of National Sun Yat-Sen University could train our students become the professional business talents with international vision and competitiveness strength.